Live Clean, Drink Dirty


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You may think Living Clean and Drinking Dirty is all about gut health and diet, exclusively. But, no. There is more depth here than meets the eye.

Transformation is only possible when we overthrow the victim within us to become the hero of our dreams. The victim feeds on generation patterns of codependency fueled by faded perceptions and beliefs similarly to how the pathogenic yeast overgrowth called candida feeds off of excess sugar in our diet wreaking havoc on our health.

Living Clean is living with a clean heart — a heart free of hate; a gut free of fear; a body, mind and spirit free of shame, blame and anger. Developing and practicing these principles will transform the dead, decayed matter that is free-floating residue in your subconscious just as much as in your colon.

The Living Clean Principles overlap yet gradually build upon one another beginning with awareness. Presence is the awareness of your awareness. Awareness breeds intuition. The expansion of these subtle realities allows you to incite the power of your own intuition. Intuition and insight are born from a deep trust in your feelings. You may know it as a sixth sense. Feeling your feelings and discerning what is mind and what is spirit speaking through you is an art. To hone your skills, the process requires as much practice and discipline as the art of fermentation.

Having the awareness, presence and intuition to know the difference between forcing life verses allowing it supports mine embodying true Strength & Power. This can only come from transforming Perceptions & Beliefs.

Unforgiveness is like taking poison with hope the person you are angry at dies. Self Love is essential to experience forgiveness for the love of self first as what we think about others is a mere reflection of how we feel about ourselves. We need to be grateful for what we have to be a vibrational match for abundance in our lives. Our last principle Surrender allows what was once suffering into gratitude & grace. Surrender is not passive and requires all of the other Living Clean principles in order to lay down the ego and step into LOVE.


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Our thought process begins with awareness. Mastering your energy is mastering your mindset and your thinking with the understanding you are not your thoughts but the one watching your thoughts.


Presence is the awareness of your awareness.


Feeling your feelings and discerning what is mind and what is the spirit speaking through you is an art.


Developing all types of strength requires consistency, resistance, and focus.


Be powerful by owning your power: the power to decide, to question, and to align.


Core beliefs reside in your subconscious mind operating like background music to your life affecting what you are able to attract.Transforming these perceptions & beliefs changes the whole game.


Devotion is not giving up your power but bowing to the essence inside you.


Faith connects your beliefs to your behavior and doesn’t have much to do with religion. Faith is an action word.


Forgiveness brings to light what you need to let go of in order to receive more.


The first step in becoming a vibrational match for what you desire is being grateful for what you already have.


Self-love is at the heart of true long-lasting healing and transformation.


The greatest spiritual gift is to see something beyond our ego.

Live Clean, Drink Dirty

Living Clean is about taking a stand for our planet, the health of our soils, and oceans. We, Ferm Fatale, understand the interconnectedness of all things.

Drinking Dirty is more than just putting down some Shrub-Bucha. Our consciousness is on the rocks, and it’s high time to serve some truth straight up! Let’s rise and take action.

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