Awareness: Exercise

Exercise ALRIGHT, TIME TO GET TO WORK… WRITTEN EXERCISE: YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! Fill in the form below and it will send you a copy of your answers for your reference. Shop Our Products Now listen To Our Podcast “We Are The Soil” Spotify Follow Us On Social Media […]

Awareness: Drinking Dirty

Included under each of the Drinking Dirty video lectures are Julie’s top Gut Health fundamentals starting with minerals. Minerals Did you know that millions of people suffer from digestive problems every day? What’s the solution? This may sound esoteric but WE ARE THE SOIL, hence why this is the name of our podcast. Start by changing […]

Awareness: Living Clean

To understand life we must first understand energy. You are an energetic being having a human experience. Where does the energy come from? Dive into this question and more as Julie expands upon the first Living Clean Principle: Awareness.