Devotion: Exercise

Exercise Life itself wants to express itself through you as you. Taking time daily to finetune your personal vision in the 4 areas of your life is your way of co-creating your reality with that force. Shop Our Products Now listen To Our Podcast “We Are The Soil” Spotify Follow Us On Social Media Facebook-f […]

Devotion: Drinking Dirty

Stress = Inflammation Do you ever get an upset stomach when you’re feeling stressed or anxious? A churning stomach is a sign of a triggered brain. But are they connected? The answer is yes. The brain and the gut share a much closer connection than we thought, despite having little in common at first glance. […]

Devotion: Living Clean

Devotion is a word that often times is misunderstood in western culture. Join as Julie discusses the next Living Clean Principal: Devotio, an opportunity to bow to the essence inside of you working through you as you.