Presence: Exercise

Exercise Now that you know what areas you are least satisfied in, this is great news as it gives you information for your next step of discovery. Write in what it is that you would like to experience in these 4 areas in present tense. Be specific. Include as much detail as possible using all […]

Presence: Drinking Dirty

Prebiotics What are prebiotics? In a nutshell, prebiotics are the food source for the helpful bacteria in our gut. While we can’t digest the fibers found in prebiotics, our gut bacteria can. What do prebiotics do for our gut health? Prebiotics are like fertilizers that help promote the growth of bacteria in our gut, resulting […]

Presence: Living Clean

Presence is present moment awareness and focus combined. In this technology drenched culture we currently live in, it requires extra effort to practice presence. In this second Living Clean Principle, Julie will show you how you can practice presence in your everyday life.