Devotion: Living Clean

Devotion is a word that often times is misunderstood in western culture. Join as Julie discusses the next Living Clean Principal: Devotio, an opportunity to bow to the essence inside of you working through you as you.

Power: Living Clean

There are 3 Powers to adopt when Living Clean. Join Julie as she discusses these three Powers you can possess and more. Happiness is an inside job. It is time to start changing the thoughts that do not serve you in order to find your Power.

Surrender: Living Clean

There are two fundamental belief systems: fear and love. The choice between fear and love takes place moment by moment. You must take responsibility for your own choices and encourage others to empower themselves too. In the final Living Clean Principle, Julie dives into the power of Acceptance and how you can choose to partner […]

Self Love: Living Clean

When you hear the words “Self Love”, what do you think? In this Living Clean Principle, Julie explains that Self Love is how we perceive ourselves and the behaviors we exhibit that reflect those beliefs. Self love is about loving yourself despite your imperfections, not just when things are perfect.

Gratitude: Living Clean

Do you feel like you are living in response to external conditions? Living life always feeling like something you want is outside of you, rather than recognizing what you really want is to be in touch with your own aliveness and the sensation of peace that comes from making decisions based on what you are […]

Faith: Living Clean

What do you think of when you hear the word “Faith”? It is something that connects your beliefs to your behavior. Join as Julie explains in this video that Faith is the expanded belief in the organizing power of the Universe that aligns the stars and the planets in perfect order and how this consciousness […]

Forgiveness: Living Clean

The seventh Living Clean Principle is: Forgiveness. In this video Julie explains how you can rewire your brain to be more calm and loving. Forgiving doesn’t mean you continue to tolerate the same behavior. It means clearing the slate by throwing the words or actions onto the compost pile of acceptance and choosing differently next […]

Strength: Living Clean

The fifth Living Clean Principe is: Strength. Join as Julie discusses the three types of strength you can posses and dives into the difference between strength and power. Learn to align with the Divine in you seeking to co-create the life you would love living.

Perception & Beliefs: Living Clean

Transformation is not about the destination, it’s all about the person you become along the way. The Living Clean principles build upon one another. So far we have covered Awareness, Presence and Intuition. In order to dive further into your transformation, it is time to do some inner reflection as Julie discusses your Perception and […]

Intuition: Living Clean

Do you have a hard time following your “gut instinct”? Then this video is for you. Join us as Julie expands upon the third Living Clean Principle: Intuition.